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I am an investor at heart. I have invested in many opportunities from stocks, bonds, real estate and more. When I learned about this business opportunity I first thought that I know nothing about Chiropractic. I quickly learned that did not matter. This was a sound business opportunity and one with a good return on my investment. Sure enough, it worked exactly as it was explained. When I was bought out, it was an easy decision to do it again. I now have my second investment underway.”  -Tim


100% Inc. provides unique opportunities to invest behind a company built on solid, proven business systems as well as a core value of honesty and integrity.

We are a family based business that believes our investors should be treated like partners and family. Every effort is made to make you not only feel comfortable in your investment but also appreciated and proud that your investment is helping to positively influence the lives of millions.

Investor references and contacts are available.

Contact Dr. Jason Helfrich at 719-217-0895 or email to see if this opportunity is right for you.

A detailed prospectus is available for those that qualify.

100% Integrity, 100% Profitability, 100% Chiropractic

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