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Our original model that built 100% chiropractic!

Let us take you from graduation or your associate job and build you your dream practice. We bring the funds needed (130-180K on average) to create and build out your beautiful practice, finance your franchise fee over 9 years to make it incredibly affordable with no early pay off penalties. We help find the property, negotiate with landlord and secure your ideal office space. Our design team will help you create your practice and we work with you to secure the general contractor to build out your space. All training of yourself and your staff and total preparation of your practice. After you’re trained and your practice is ready to go, we’re with you every step of the way to rapidly build your practice to massive success. We’re in this with you, remember, we’ve brought the money, we don’t succeed if you don’t succeed! You own your practice 100% from day one, we’re just there to make sure your practice thrives!

Hub Franchise Fee 300k (financing available through 100%)


This model is perfect for the doctor that wants massive success but absolute simplicity!

You open your smaller (@ 800 sq ft) office to maximize space and minimize overhead. A local 100% office takes care of your new patient processing and you simply take care of the patients! It’s always your option to take over the education process if and when you feel you are ready. You’ll work closely with a dynamic, successful doc to build your Ray office. You, of course, own your office 100% from day 1.

Ray Franchise Fee 250K (financing available through 100%)


Take your current practice, “flip” it to 100% and become a franchisee/owner of your own, successful 100% practice and join our family of dynamic docs!

If your practice meets the criteria, we will fly you and your staff out to San diego for a one week intense training at our 100% training and development facility. While you build your knowledge, your practice is being remodeled (cosmetic make-over including 100% signage, paint, decor, etc). You return to your new dream practice, ready to change the world and realize your financial  dreams!

This model, we loan up to 50k to the practice to cover all training, catch up, remodeling, equipment needs, etc.

Flip Franchise Fee: $50K (financing available through 100%)


This model is perfect for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur fully equipped with the financial tools necessary to get started but eager to have the blueprint for rapid success.

As 100% owner of your new practice, you receive all the benefits of our Hub practice (lease negotiation, design, training, hiring assistance, billing, paperwork, marketing, etc), the only difference is you save big time money bringing your own investor to the office. You simply show up with your investor, ability to secure a lease, and 50k franchise fee and we help you build your dream practice from scratch with proven systems to “launch” you and your practice to success.

This model is perfect for Chiropractors as well as investors (select states) that wish to build highly profitable practices whether they work in and run the office or not.

100% Entrepreneur Program

After conquering your own practice, we empower you to expand and open other 100% offices.

We serve as the consultant both helping others succeed while making residual income for yourself. Finally! A retirement plan!!

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