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Training Doctors

We are thrilled to be working together and are looking forward to linking arms with you.

Dr. Brandon Livingood

Dr. Brandon Livingood, (Yes, that is his real last name!) launched his first clinic in Colorado Springs in 2008. With the help of his wife Rebecca, they quickly turned one dynamic practice into 8 clinics around the country. His entrepreneurial spirit comes in a close second to his main role, Dad to Tristan, Cannon and Harper. Originally from Iowa, Dr. Brandon grew up hunting, fishing and wrestling. His passion for Chiropractic began when he first started getting adjusted at the age of 15. His strength is being a master communicator in delivering the chiropractic message in a simple, no nonsense way.  He and his family recently moved from Colorado to run the 100% training center in sunny Rancho Santa Fe, CA .  His next mission is to explode the 100% vision into southern California and to figure out his golf swing (yeah right, good luck with that second one)!

Strengths:  day to day systems, adjusting techniques, patient communications, battle tested

Dr. Samantha March-Howard

Dr. Sam’s passion for helping patients achieve optimal health is evident immediately upon meeting her. She is on a mission to change the face of healthcare within her community because most people usually seek doctors when their health is failing them, and at that time are forced to make choices out of fear or anger.

She originally hails from Jamaica but Dr. Sam was introduced to the study of Chiropractic while pursuing her pre-medical degree in Florida. A local chiropractor gave her inspiration when he reminded her that the nervous system controls the entire body; without it and its proper function, the body will malfunction and cease proper working ability regardless of exercise and nutrition. She went above and beyond to pursue highly focused expertise in the area of pediatrics, prenatal care, and family wellness. As such, Dr. Sam became certified in Webster’s Technique. This certification allows Dr. Sam to prepare the expectant mother and her infant for labor and delivery by optimizing the pelvic alignment. She has completed over 200 additional hours of focused training surrounding pre-natal, maternal, and pediatric care.

Outside of the office, Dr. Sam loves to spend time with her husband, Freddie, who is also a chiropractor. They opened their first 100% office in Dunwoody, GA and is on a mission to explode the 100% mission everywhere they can. Her 2nd office is now open in Snelville, GA, and 3rd will be open in Decatur, GA. And it’s just the beginning… ready if you are!

Strengths: dynamic systems, systematic training, and amazing accountability

Drs. Steve and Vanessa Nutty

Drs. Steve and Vanessa Nutty opened their first office in Buford, GA in 2012. Their last name may sound a little squirrely but the Nuttys are serious about using their experience to spread the chiropractic message through others!

They dug deep and planted roots in Gwinnett County, quickly becoming the area’s go-to chiropractic team while breaking a number of company records in the process.

Dr. Steve utilized his passion and background as an athlete to become the official chiropractor for the ECHL Atlanta Gladiators, Team SBG MMA, and several other professional and local athletes in the Atlanta area.

Bringing the perfect balance to the office, Dr. Vanessa is our resident “Boss Lady” with her detail oriented approach to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Their mission is simple and this dynamic duo has the know-how and well-rounded experience to help aspiring entrepreneurs build the practice, and life, of their dreams through 100%.

Always ready for the next challenge, Drs. Steve and Vanessa are entering the world of parenting with the arrival of their first child in November 2017!

Strengths:  2 awesome docs (2 > 1), Leadership and inspiration, day to day systems, patient communication, organization and attention to detail, adjusting techniques, relentless positivity, growing an effective in-office team & environment

Drs. Nico and Hannah Staples

Drs. Nico and Hannah opened their first office in Marietta, GA in 2016. This world changing duo has the ability to truly hit on multiple aspects of chiropractic practice. Dr. Nico has trained extensively on spinal corrective care, thus allowing him to work with severe disease conditions, spinal deformity and scoliosis. Dr. Hannah is an expert in Pediatric and Pregnancy care, using her passion for kids and healthy families to fuel their amazing Family Wellness Practice.

After opening the amazing stories and lives changed in their community has lead them to one of the busiest and most successful chiropractic offices in their area. They quickly became one of the top offices in the company within a year of opening.

Drs. Nico and Hannah also lead our student Organization 100% Foundations. Their passion to advance chiropractic is powerful. Leading them to lead at Life University in Marietta, GA helping students expand their minds to what is possible in just a few short years after graduation. Their main goal is to leave Chiropractic in a better more impactful place because of their role, not that they are just successful but that Chiropractic becomes the main and first place people go to seek true health care.

This pair of doctors has a powerful working relationship, marriage and are amazing parents to their two kids Ava Nicole and Aidyn Reed.

Strengths: Double Trouble with 2 docs, Family Wellness Care, Scoliosis and Corrective Care, Day to Day systems, adjusting techniques, creating Chiropractic Warrior patients, and Leading a Powerful Team.

Dr. Darby Lyles-Thomas

Since childhood, Dr. Darby has known that she wanted to be a doctor and care for others. While attending Clemson University as a biological sciences major, she was awakened to the problems in today’s sick care model, and decided to rethink what kind of doctor she wanted to be.

Growing up in Spartanburg, South Carolina, she was fortunate to live close to Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic and grow up in a family under chiropractic care. After working in a chiropractic office in Clemson, South Carolina, she knew that joining the greatest profession in the world was the right step and has never looked back. Dr. Darby is thrilled to have the opportunity to live in Colorado and provide safe, effective chiropractic care to the community.

Strengths: staff development and retention, exceptional leadership skills, curating long term staff and patients, communication skills with patients and staff, building lifetime wellness patients and families, teaching doctors how to communicate wellness subluxation care to patients

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